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Where do women hide their sex toys
Mar 16 , 2021

Where do women hide their sex toys

How do we all hide or store our sex toys? Everyone has their own way of keeping and hiding toys,why not share them and see what are the best ways to store them, or maybe we are all storing them in the same place?

Taya’s solution:I put them on my bedside table, right next to my bed, and they were always handy.When I got older and started to acquire real 'sex toys', I kept them together in a small make-up bag with two zips that met in the middle, and I locked them with a small luggage lock. I kept it in my dresser, at the bottom of my seasonal clothes drawer, and if my mother ever found it, which I doubt, she never asked about it.I still have that bag, but I rarely lock it and keep it handy in the middle drawer of my bedside table.

Tay’s solution:My wife and I hide our sex toys in a bag on top of the master bedroom wardrobe. However, as it is usually just the two of us in the house we have no real need to hide them, so I keep a couple of toys (dildo and anal beads) and some lube under the bathroom sink, another dildo and lube in plain sight on the bookshelf, a vibrator on her bedside table, we keep bondage paraphernalia at the bottom of the bookshelf, I keep 3 butt-plugs (small, medium and large) on the top of the bookshelf in a prominent place in my office, and more bondage equipment in my office closet.

Ana’s solution:We have a 'toy cupboard' at the foot of the bed with multiple stacked shelves and boxes to keep everything organised and hygienic. Fun to explain when your daughter is exploring in there ...... ;)

Bob’s solution:My wife keeps hers in the bedside table and travels with a black toy bag. Never left home without them.

So, what other ways do you have to hide your sex toys? Share, maybe we can learn something new from this!

Wherever these fun toys are hidden, be sure to keep them tidy and dry,remove the batteries if you have them, and separate the charging cables if you are charging them, to ensure safety.

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