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how to use a g spot rabbit vibrator
Jan 24 , 2021

How to use g spot rabbit vibrator

G Spot vibrators are the top rated sex toy for powerful, pulsating female orgasms. G Spot toys are distinguished by a forward curve designed to massage and stimulate the titillating hot spot inside the vagina.G-spot orgasms are the height of pleasure for anyone with a vagina. The g-spot is a small, spongy area of the vagina, and when stimulated it leads to powerful, full-body orgasms. Nothing can help you reach g-spot orgasms like learning how to use a g-spot vibrator.

There are as many g-spot vibrators as there are ways to use them. Learn how to find the right g-spot vibrator and have mind-blowing g-spot orgasms with our easy guide:

G Spot Vibrator Instructions:

1.Lubricate the tip and the first few few inches of the shaft with water based lubricant.

2.Hold the toy in your hand between your thighs, and point the curve towards your belly button.

3.Note the position of the toy in your hand before inserting it in your vagina. (This way you can make sure to keep the curve facing forwards after insertion.)

4.Insert the 1st inch of the shaft into the vagina and add pressure to the front of the wall.

5.Slide the toy slowly up towards your belly button while maintaining pressure on the front vaginal wall.

6.When you feel the tingling sense of urination, stop moving the toy and hold it in place.

7.(If you are deeper than 4 inches but did not feel the Gspot, you've gone too high and missed the mark. Remove the toy and re-start at step 4.)

8.Once you feel the gland, activate the motor. (Note: Be careful not to turn the device sideways or it will slide off the gland.)

9.Once the vibrator is on, jiggle it back & forth and up & down very slightly and enjoy the sensation.

10.Alternate between moving the vibrator as described in the step above with holding it still and applying firm pressure forwards.

11.Rub your clitoris to increase pleasure.

12.At the onset of orgasm, thrust the vibrator in & out. (Don't thrust it more than 1-2 inches however because you still want vibration focused on the gland).

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