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Explore several sensitive areas for women and how to stimulate them
Mar 07 , 2021

Explore several sensitive areas for women and how to stimulate them

Starting with lots of foreplay and warming up can spark excitement and desire. There are many reasons to find out more about the sensitive areas of women. Here, the steamy, external points on a woman's body that experts recommend zeroing in on for an unforgettable and pleasurable time. These ways help to increase foreplay and mutual sexual desire, mobilise hormonal hormones in the body and improve the quality of sex.

1. The ear

Although the ears aren't necessarily the first thing you think of when you think of getting down and dirty, you'll soon realise that they're quite useful in a variety of sensual acts: dirty talk, heavy breathing, or just hearing yourself and/or your partner moan and sigh. The ears are also quite sensitive to touch, Chavez says, and we've become accustomed to thinking of them as a sensual body part - even if only subconsciously." If you think of every romance movie or even passionate scene, there's always something about nibbling or whispering," she says.

How to stimulate it. Chavez suggests starting with light stimulation and gradually increasing it to see what you like best. Your partner can caress your ear, push your hair behind it, stroke your ear, then rub the neck and eventually trace around the ear with their mouth and tongue, maybe even pierce the ear a little with their tongue, she says." Breathing is also a great source of stimulation - try breathing gently into the ear while caressing or sucking." Chavez suggests.

2. the neck

Any hot and heavy makeout sessions you enjoyed as a teenager may have cemented your love of what your 1950s sex ed teacher might have referred to as "the neck". And given how sensitive and fragile the neck is, it's no wonder that touching it must be stimulating, says Alexandra Fine, CEO and co-founder of Dame Products." The thinness of the skin combined with the high concentration of nerve endings makes this an interesting place to explore," she notes.

How to stimulate it. Let your partner show love to your neck by licking, sucking, or gently stroking the delicate skin there with your lips, suggests Fine." Even a light touch with the tips of their fingers can trigger chills down your spine," she notes.

3. buttocks

There's a reason so many pop songs celebrate tuchus, from Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" to JLo's "Booty". It's a sexy part of the body, and it makes you feel sexy when your partner appreciates your bottom - either non-verbally or by offering compliments, Chavez says." It's also very close to our genital area, especially depending on your position," she notes.

How to stimulate it. "Whether you're stroking gently or hard, this area is a super sexy area that often gets a lot of hype," Fine says. "Because of the high muscle and fat content of the buttocks, they may respond better to a firmer touch or squeeze - or smack - than a lighter tickle."

4. fingers

When it comes to fingertips, don't underestimate the power of the sensitive pads we use to go from typing to touching each other." Fingertips are designed to sense even the slightest change in texture and temperature, and are your gateway to every other erogenous zone." Tanner said.

Chavez adds that in addition to the fingertips possessing many nerve endings, sucking or nibbling on them automatically triggers desire as they anatomically correspond to penetration.

How to stimulate it "Take your partner's hand and place their index finger between your lips and gently nibble as you slide their finger out of your mouth," Tanner suggests. "Next, gently suck on one of their fingertips as if you were drinking from a straw. Imagine their finger is a clitoris or a penis - whichever you prefer - and mirror what you would do to that body part."

5. back

Whether you're aggressive in the gym or suffer in terms of staying safely sedentary at home, you may occasionally struggle with lower back pain. It's a vulnerable, sensitive area - not to mention one that partners often grab onto during sex (think: in doggy style or even when positioned side-by-side) or when snuggling, Chavez notes. Plus, it's an area that's hard for you to caress yourself, which makes a partner's touch there all the more appealing.

How to stimulate it. Tanner suggests lying on your stomach and having your partner place each palm on either side of your spine, avoiding the bones and focusing on the soft tissues.  "Using their body weight, they can lean on your back and slowly move their palms in a circular motion," she notes." Or, they can gently tickle your lower back with their fingertips, sending shivers down your spine."

6. underarm

While this spot isn't for everyone, the armpit is full of pheromones that can elicit a sexual response when discovered by a partner, notes Tanner.

How to stimulate it. Having your partner raise your arm can be super stimulating, says Chavez, starting with touching or kissing your fingertips, then your wrist and finally your armpit for all the stimulation you can muster.

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