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What I feel that from the first time using rabbit vibrator
Oct 30 , 2020

It's hard to imagine using sex toys in my 35 years of life,I didn’t have trouble orgasming with my sex partners,to be honest, the idea of having a non-human object make contact with my genitals during sex just felt … weird.But it did happen to me,and I've enjoyed the mysterious, exciting activity ever since!

when it came to vibrators I had no idea what to expect – of the toy or of myself. It turned out I found the intense buzzing directly on my clitoris more irritating than euphoric. Meanwhile the grinding beads and thrusting shaft did nothing but leave me feeling sore, embarrassed and confused.

I am hesitant to try new things, meet new people,go new places, or, ummm, put new vibrating toys into my vagina.

But as I am new beginner,I didn’t know then was how vibrators can be used in different places,how different patterns and intensities can give different sensations, and how even the material can affect how it feels on your body.If you’ve one and you find that it does nothing for you, it may be the wrong type of vibration.

Sexual health and pleasure expert, Samantha Evans agrees: “Keep it simple when it comes to your first vibrator. It may sound obvious but make sure you read the instructions and familiarise yourself with the modes and functions before using the toy on or in your body.”

silicone is the best material to look for when choosing a sex toy of any sort since it’s non-porous, hypo-allergenic and easy to clean. It’s also gentle against the delicate skin of your vagina and vulva. Plastic is harder but it transfers vibrations well and feels especially good with lube.

Jelly and rubber toys are soft and much cheaper than silicone rabbit vibrator but they are porous materials which absorb bacteria, are difficult to clean and degrade over time so they can quickly become unhygienic.

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