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Are sex toys dangerous?
Feb 16 , 2021

Are sex toys dangerous?

  Are sex toys dangerous? This is a big problem because sex toys are not regulated by the FDA.Well,this question cannot be generalised either,but in short, it depends largely on the materials used in adult toys. Today, the materials used to make erotic toys are simply the following.


This chemical increases the elasticity of plastic and makes dildos and vibrators more flexible and transparent. Phthalates are still found in many sex toys on the market. If sex toys are cheap, buyers should beware. Cheap sex toys often use materials that are likely to contain phthalates. Although sex toys may say they are phthalate-free, consumers must read more about the material before they can assume it is safe.

Also, use an odour test. The greater the odour of the toy, the greater the likelihood that low-grade materials containing phthalates are used.


Many manufacturers make packaging for sex toys that says phthalate-free, however they don't take into account all the materials used in the toys. Although sex toys made from jelly feel somewhat realistic, jelly contains phthalates. Jelly is commonly used because it is a more affordable material.


Latex rubber is a porous material that is often used to make dildos. It is a hard material, not at all realistic and often smells bad. Although this material is cheap, it often causes allergic reactions, especially in people who are allergic to latex. It must be used with condoms as this material cannot be sterilised properly.


PVC is another cheap material that is often used in sex toys to make them more affordable.PVC usually contains phthalates used to soften the material.

5.Silicone (recommend)

This material is not porous and is hypoallergenic. It is also soft and is used to create realistic and bendy toys. They are durable and with proper care they will last longer than any unsafe jelly toy. Yes, they are more expensive, but they are worth it.

Reminding:If you are using a toy made of food-grade silicone,it is a good idea to put a condom over the toy can help you and your partner avoid any potential risks.

6.Stainless steel (recommend)

This material is not porous and can easily be heated to body temperature, which may make it more pleasurable for some people. Its appearance is also appealing to many and it is easily cleaned with boiling water, bleach or in the dishwasher.

7.Borosilicate glass (recommend)

This material is the perfect sex toy as it is neither porous nor toxic and does not change form at high temperatures. To clean it, simply stick it in the dishwasher next to the stainless steel sex toy.

7.Lucite (recommend)

The hard texture is ideal for PC muscle strength training activities such as Kegel exercises. People with prostate glands can also be stimulated with this type of toy. This toy can be washed in boiling water or in dishwater.

8.ABS plastic(recommend)

ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene for those who want to get specific) is a very stable hard plastic that is commonly used in vibrators. It is a great, versatile material and is usually cheaper than silicone.


Wooden sex toys can definitely be body safe and have the most wonderful living texture. However they must have a body-safe finish or coating. Check to see what has been used to paint the toy. Avoid anything that is uncoated or just finished with oil as this may not last forever.

10.Stone and Ceramic(recommend)

Natural stone sex toys are both aesthetically pleasing and safe. They cannot usually be sealed, but can be polished smooth. Similarly, ceramic sex toys are safe, but must be glazed and kiln dried. Similar to glass, they are strong and unlikely to break, but check for chips and cracks before use.

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